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Peeling Paint - Everything you need to know and then some

Imagine this; you have your home under contract, things are going great.  You got the price you wanted, the buyers inspection went well with very little concessions and the appraiser has just visited your home. 

That's when the peeling paint bomb shell drops; any FHA loan requires zero peeling paint regardless of when the home was built.  Many people are aware of the lead based paint disclosure laws that require sellers to disclose any knowledge and/or reports of lead based paint if the home was built prior to 1978.  But as it turns out, you could have a brand new home and an FHA appraisal is going to flag any peeling paint, whether it be inside or outside the home.  They will even flag it on a detached garage. 

Peeling paint.png

The take away is this; outdoor painting is very difficult when the thermometer doesn't go above zero degrees.  If you know there is a chance you might be selling your home, take care of your peeling paint in the summer. 

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